TEDMED 2013 in Washington DC

I’m very excited to be attending TEDMED 2013 in Washington DC next month.  I was fortunate to be chosen to go as part of the Front Line Scholarship program.  The speaker line-up looks to be full of interesting talks on secondary uses of health data, patient engagement and activation, precision medicine, and a number of talks that blend the humanities with the health sciences.  There will be around 1,800 attendees, so in addition to the talks themselves, there should be great opportunities to meet people and share ideas among a passionate and engaged group.  Should be fun, and should provide some great fodder for future blog posts from the event and in its aftermath!

Published by

Aaron Neinstein, MD

I'm an Assistant Professor in Endocrinology and Director of Clinical Informatics at the University of California, San Francisco.

2 thoughts on “TEDMED 2013 in Washington DC”

  1. Hi Aaron – Very exciting! My company, Galileo Analytics, was selected to be part of the innovators “Hive” at TEDMED, so I’ll see you there! I’m very excited! And, we can finally do that demo we’ve been talking about doing 😉


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