OneTouch Verio IQ meter

OneTouch Verio IQ meter

I won’t review this meter, since I haven’t tested one, and there is a very thorough review already here at DiabetesMine.  I do want to draw attention to it, however.  The draw of this meter is that it purports to find patterns in a user’s glucose data and to then give the user feedback and recommendations about how to make changes based on those patterns.  In theory, this sounds wonderful.  Give feedback to a patient during a “teachable moment,” ie at the moment when the feedback is relevant and someone is most likely to learn from it.  Unfortunately, according to the DiabetesMine review, the actionable recommendations are actually contained in a separate paper book that you have to request.  This would significantly detract from the usefulness of the feedback given by the meter.

There is significant medical literature about decision support and how to make it successful.  One BMJ systematic review from Kawamoto et al in 2005 noted that four key features are that “(a) decision support provided automatically as part of clinician workflow, (b) decision support delivered at the time and location of decision making, (c) actionable recommendations provided, and (d) computer based.”  It sounds like the Verio IQ meter tries to achieve these goals but still falls short…

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  • Dr. John A. Allocca
    Posted at 09:14h, 08 July

    Check out my testing of this meter at

    I found it to have inconstant results.

    • Ron Lippman
      Posted at 22:06h, 20 October

      I’m glad I finally see someone that agrees with me. I have used this meter for over a week and compare it to my ultra2 meter. The verioIQ is always higher, sometimes as much as 40mgs! I had discussed this with Co. They gave me a line of bull to justify this. But this meter shows readings that cause alarms when it shouldn’t!

  • Joyce
    Posted at 17:22h, 19 November

    2 times out of 10n I got an error messages. A lot of strips were wasted. I bought another meter that works better.

    • Joyce
      Posted at 18:17h, 25 November

      I have 4 errors today that means I used 5 strips to do one blood glucose test. I don’t know this meter is accurate or not.

      • Carl
        Posted at 13:09h, 15 April

        I agree Joyce – I get far too many error 4 messages (‘strip fill problem’). It’s too wasteful and annoying – and dangerous if you’ve got low BG and can’t find out. I’ve just wasted 4 strips and had to get out my old meter finally. On other occasions I have wasted up to 6 strips at a time getting error reading after error reading. Then next time I try, it tests fine…

        Too much trouble, too fiddly and too costly. Frankly I don’t care how consistent or accurate it is – if I can’t get a reading when I need it!!

        Don’t waste your time with this silly meter.

  • Amelia Jordan
    Posted at 20:15h, 24 November

    I got this meter a couple weeks ago and have found it incredibly inaccurate. I tested at 52 in my Bayer Contour and at 76 on the Verio. 152 on the Contour and 225 on the Verio. Error % ranges from 20-50%. Not sure if I have a dud, but these numbers lead me to discard this meter as dangerous junk.

  • Joyce
    Posted at 12:24h, 27 November

    I got this meter 4 weeks ago and each time I test, it says error or change another strip. Than I bought an Accu-chek aviva that works better. Yesterday I tested with my diabetes cat. Accu chek at 324 and at on Verio 274. This morning 342 on Accu-chek and 243 on Verio. My Verio read 20% much lower than my Accu-chek meter. I wonder if there are difference in 2 Verio meters.

    • Jacqueline
      Posted at 20:26h, 13 July

      Too many wasted strips. I have 4 boxes that I bought on sale. What a waste. More than half are duds. I will contact the company and ask for a refund

  • Mason
    Posted at 15:21h, 06 November

    I completely agree! I am on my 3rd one! I would say I get the message 8 out of 10 times. Their customer relations department is hideous! It has caused many an issue. Unfortunately this is what my insurance company has mandated I use now. Very unhappy. I see on the FDA website their has been a few ADVERSE EVENT REPORTS logged. I wonder why Johnson & Johnson won’t fess up to the problem? Have any of you found a solution to this? Thanks!

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